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Did you plan to let the forum sort by tags or is it already working? My tags does nothing! It would be great, when a categorys-list could be sorted by tags. One more step for filtering at the lowest level would be great.
Martin Reisbeck
So easy!!! Where my eyes have been, as I searched for this great feature?
Martin Reisbeck
No, not sooo easy!
At the shown position in your pic, my GUI shows just "Kategorie" where should be written "Stichwort" like in your pic "Tags".
Martin Reisbeck
And the first filter below the tabs (left one) should not be called "Kategorie". It is really the "Status".
The English titeling "feedback" is wrong as well in this position.
Is it the filtering for Moderation?

By the way: where can I edit the words of this dropdown menue? The list is okay, so far. But why "open source" appears there?
Sergey Stukov
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It's possible to filter topics by tags.
Martin Reisbeck
It's just the wrong translation, Sergey.
In German translation call the left one "Status" and the right one "Stichwort".
Then it's okay.
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