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Vladimir Mullagaliyev

Changes: Custom field values representation has been changed.

We've added some class name to custom field representation for better customization via CustomScript. If you use any customization via CustomScript for custom fields representation please check your Custom Script works properly with new markup.

New markup:

<div class="custom-field custom-field-[type] [code_name]">
    <div class="custom-field-name">...</div> 
    <div class="custom-field-value">...</div> </div>
Vladimir Mullagaliyev

New featureBlock users right from mini-profile.

Now support agents are able to block users right from user's mini-profile.

ImprovementBlocked users votes do not count in the topic votes anymore.

We do not count votes from blocked users. If you see somebody created duplicate or illegal account, just block the user and his votes will not be counted.

Vladimir Mullagaliyev

New feature: Spoiler formatting.

Now you are able to markup some text in the topic/comment as a spoiler. The text will be invisible for users. The text will be visible when users move the mouse over. Also it will be always visible after click.

Vladimir Mullagaliyev

Improved: Support agents report.

We've improved statistics information for support agents:

  • added first reply time
  • added ability to show detailed information for each statistic number
  • added ability to filter by forums
  • improved date range selector
  • added summary statistics information

Also we've added pagination to all statistics lists to make navigation easier.

Vladimir Mullagaliyev

New feature: Vote count information in users list.

Now you are able to see vote count by users in the Agent interface -> Users. Also you can order users by vote count in both directions.

Vladimir Mullagaliyev

New feature: Filter by user group in users list.

Now you are able to filter by User Group in the Agent interface -> Users.

Vladimir Mullagaliyev

Improved: Topic URLs.

Topic URLs now have hierarchy structure and have information about forum. It can be helpful if you would like to exclude some forum from search engine indexing.

Old URLs work as well and redirect users to new URLs.

Sergey Stukov

Now user custom fields that you pass with SSO displayed on user information panel in chat agent.

Vladimir Mullagaliyev

Improved: Statistics->Overview.

We've added two new filter to our statistics->overview page: Category and Tag.

Sergey Stukov

UserEcho Chat now has native applications for Mac and Windows feel free to download and use it.

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