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I was using a news section for a changelog much like userecho was

It would be nice to a few features to make an actual changelog that a few other companies are charging for.  Most things are already in place like subscribing to the forum but I eventually had to switch the changelog due missing two things:

1.  Automatically sort by newest first in the forum so first time visitors don't start with the oldest first.

2.  Implement some sort of widget with a badge of new unread posts in the changelog forum so users know there has been a new fix or feature when they visit the main site.  This was mainly the reason I looked at changelog software so that users were aware of the constant development on the site.  Even just an api call to check the unread post count for a user would work as well and we could script the badge of unread ourselves.




I found the way to set the sorting preference and I'm looking at the API again and not sure if there's a way to somehow script something to display new posts in the forum from it.


I found a way to get things working!

Using the API I am pulling which provides me with a comment count in data:comment_count.

I am now storing the last viewed comment count in a database and when clicking the link to view the changelog it updates to latest comment count.

Also displays the badge as I wanted using some CSS.

Hopefully this can help someone else in the future.

Sergey Stukov
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Hello James,

Awesome solution!