After editing an exisiting post the category is reset to default category

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a user reported this issue.

"If I have written a post here in UserEcho and want to edit it, the category will always be reset to the default ( General ). This is annoying, because you hardly ever pay attention to it."

Our users can categories their posts, but it is not mandatory.
I was able to recapture this behaviour. Is this a bug or is there a hidden setting?



Sergey Stukov
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Hello, issue has been fixed.

Could you confirm from your side, that all works as expected right now?


Hello, unfortunately the issue is not fixed.

This is my existing post:

You can see the category highlighted in the green box.

When I want to edit my post, the category changes to default (highlighted in red):

Sergey Stukov

Could you check one more time,

We double checked and perform testing

All should work correctly right now



it works now. Thank you.