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Oh yes, forgive me, I wrote a mistake in last sentence :-)

To sum it up:

  • it works currently with Safari (as it did before if I remember correctly)
  • it doesn't work currently with Firefox (but I thought it was working before if I remember correctly)


Here you answer about the whole project data.

But I thought the original question was speaking about a single user account :

so what happen to the data associated to this user account? All his topics and comments and votes?

Ah, OK, I stay tuned :-)

Thank you.


I don't know if it's related or a completely different reason, but I still notice something weird with centering images.

For a couple of weeks, some (but not all) of centered images in posts appear no longer centered.

Moreover, these images that have lost their centering can no longer be centered again by editing the message:

  • you can edit the message
  • you can set the image position as "center" and see immediately a centered rendering
  • but as soon as you finish this edit (with the "post reply" button), the centering is no longer rendered and the center position setting is canceled

Some examples of no longer centered images, that cannot be edited:

The above "bug" concern images using "center" position, maybe images integrated in a centered paragraph behave correctly...

Oh yes! So simple.


Ah OK, great! I saw it, perfect!

BTW, two questions:

we do not enable it by default.

1) Is it possible for an admin to enable it in the settings of its community?

may cause some spam issues between users.

2) Oh you mean that enabling this private message function (for the admin to discuss with a user in private), imply this is in fact enabled for any user (and not only admins)?

Thank you.

Implementation of part 1 started.


Is this "old" feature completed?

I can't find where is the action for an admin to send a private message to a user.

That would be very useful indeed, especially directly from the user profil from this user (e.g. next to other existing actions like "Block user" and "Delete account"...)


Ah OK, didn't knew that!

Thank you for the explanation.


Recent updates to improve existing translations lead to the same strange effect:

- orange counter says "0 needs review"

- but two modifications are nevertheless in orange status (does it mean "needs review"?)

Do you understand why?

Thanks for fixing this second problem too.

Nevertheless, and surprisingly, it's not 100% fixed ;-)

The "bug" remains visible in only one case now:

  • if you select the first dot of the graph (the one completely at the left side) => you still have details for more values, in fact for all the following values and not only the selected date of the point
  • for any other following point, the details are perfectly fixed.