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As a follow-up, we would like to ALWAYS have these boxes say email and screen name/name visible to users - whether they are trying to post first or click sign in.  Thank you,

Thank you for your help on this issue!

I like how your sign-in if you are a new customer says "email" in one box and

"name visible to others" in the other box. Ours is blank.Can you fix that so readers know what to enter on our site? Or where can I go to fix that? It sounds like I can edit, but I haven't seen where.



I see what you are saying, but that requires users to sign in and then figure out how to get to their profile to change it. Couldn't they just log in with a screen name and email address? We don't want to make them jump through hoops to get their feedback. It won't be worth it, and they won't stick around to do it. Our users are used to signing into blogs and this is a one step process where they enter their screen name and email. That's all that is required. That's what we would like. Any chance we can do that in a short time frame?

Thank you,


Sign in doesn't look like yours
It would be nice if it asked for a "screen name" and an email.

It appears that you can only input an email and a password.

So we are forced to have users input feedback anonymously.

And there are a lot of problems with this. Can we change it to look more like the image you are showing above so users enter just

1) email

2) screen name???


Thank you,


We disabled anonymous and it asks for email and password. It doesn't give the option to pick the username. Did we do something wrong? Thanks,

I already had all these options checked. And she still couldn't see it.

Carole cannot see the Moderation word at the bottom right of her screen. She can see Setup and Actions now, just not moderation. Thanks!

I found the Excel link you sent!  Thank you,

Can you resend this link to me?  I cleaned up my email and I can't find it. It is mixed in with thousands of emails from our users.  Maybe if info from you came with a different from line I could tell the difference in what is from my users and what is support from you.  That might help.  My email app, Delivra, has an X over the page with member info where I can just click and export it all to Excel.  That would be preferable. Thank you!