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Can you explain the last comment in this article? How do you forward/reply via email and have it show up as a private comment?

When I reply to an email notification, my reply shows up in the topic, but it is not a private comment. How can I make the email reply private?

Thanks for the quick response - we would be interested in testing.

Would it be possible to define different SLAs for different customers/forums?

I my original question, I suggested assigning an SLA to a set of users. That might work, as long as the user can choose which type of issue it is (e.g. the user needs to choose whether it is Urgent or not - we do not want to assume that every topic from a given user is urgent).

Any progress on this feature? It now has 57 votes. We had another of our users complain again today about all of the separate notifications. A "digest" notification option is very important.

Is this feature (daily or weekly digest) something that will be available soon?
Can this same information (the list of voters) be obtained through the web service API?

The "topics/[topic_id].json" method returns the number of votes, but it does not return the actual list of voters. It would be helpful for us to be able to obtain the email address of each user who voted for a given topic.

I suppose we could do something like:

  1. Make an AJAX call to ./dialog/topic/[topic_id]/voters/
  2. Parse the response HTML to get the [user_id] of each voter
  3. Make an AJAX call to ./dialog/user/[user_id]/mini-profile/
  4. Parse the response HTML to get the email address of each voter
That could work; however, it would be brittle (it may break if you change any of the HTML). It would also be a lot of AJAX calls (as opposed to a single service call to get the user_id and email address of each voter).

We are testing the Knowledge Base and have added a few articles to our default Knowledge Base. However, the search does not seem to work. I type in a word that I know exists in one or more articles, but the search results are empty. Why does searching the Knowledge Base not find any articles?
We are interested in this backup feature as well. 
Have you considered this feature recently? It now has 26 votes ... that seems like a fair amount of interest. Here is a quote that one of our users posted in our forum today (about receiving a daily digest):

"Having just come back from 3 days of leave, over 70% of my inbox was filled with forum posts!"

It would really be helpful to enable daily (and perhaps weekly?) digests.
We would like our search to search replies/comments as well as topics. Please enable this feature on our main forum as well.
Setting the "updated" date should work. We will give that a try and let you know if we have further concerns. Thank you.