Your comments

Good, thanks.

It would be nice if it was a javascript setting in the widget code, so that we can display different widgets with different filter settings.

But this will be good enough for our use now.
The toolbar wasn't the problem.

I've now reactivated the toolbar and the filter is working. But that's because I'm using the newly created Top Rated list. Thanks.
I replaced the default popular widget with a new one for top rated content only. This time the Unmarked filter is working.

So the bug might only affect the default popular widget.
I tried again and it doesn't work for me.

If I set status filter to Unmarked, it shouldn't display the items that I marked as Under Review or Fixing, correct? Well it still does. Do you see the Under Review item in the popular list?

I want the popular list on the main page to only show items which haven't been marked.
Well I don't know if I need it yet. I haven't launched our feedback forum yet... But it seems like a good idea to have a limit. Like the other guy said, limiting votes makes users think about priorities.

Is this a feature you plan on adding, at least as an optional setting?
Thanks. Is there a way to set a limit for votes?
Are you saying each user can only vote on 1 idea? That can't be right... but above you say "One feedback, one vote at this moment"... I'm confused.