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@sergey this is indeed what I'm looking for. But they 'misused' the system a bit by creating a 'Welcome' forum. For me that's fine too. I just tried adding one but I get that I'm at the maximum? Which is strange because I don't believe there was a limit on them?
Perfect!  That's how I did it.  Thanks.
Tried it out, works fine.  Only one thing: after you move it, you are no longer in the agent interface but all of a sudden in a forum?  It should stay in the agent interface so I can accept the issue or not.
Any idea when this is coming?
Hmmm just noticed: in our forum WZD it is OK, translations are good.  In forum WZM they aren't ok!

Can you please put the statusses I have in WZD everywhere?
People have been voting on both issues, so after the merge they are counted double.  There are 4 people in there who have cast a vote on both the first and the second idea.  So total should be 5 votes.
I have just experienced the exact same problem.  I now have an issue with 9 votes on it although it should only have 6.  Is there a way to remove the duplicate votes?
Great stuff!!!  The customisation system is really good and intuitive.  I should be able to do what I want with that!