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No Sergey. I mean the Widget+URL, you are able to jump into the community from somewhere.
Thanks for your feedback, Christiano. Of course it's not a real improve of speed in miliseconds while transmission and serverside process. You are right in this strict interpretation of speed. But it is a tremendous improve of usability to let the user divine what to do next, isn't it? Simplifying the user interface means to improve the speed of a process. There's no doubt about.
What do you think Peter? Please, don't hesitate to make your proposals.
Yes. This was the way the translation affair went. I stored the text many times in between. I exit the editor and entered it again. It was all okay in editor and frontend.  During the last change suddenly Russian appeared. It was the time, you wrote, that the Russian translation was without issues.
We had this befor, you remember? You fixed it! Fix it again, the translation was good...
IBM as well has fixed the language toggler in the upper right area. It seems to be important.
My German browser seems to be funny. FF starts with English all the time. I use to delete cookies once or twice a day.
UserEcho provides four classification systems in one community. Forum, Category, Feedback type and Tags. It seems comfortable. But there are two systems working parallel. Just in the same rank. What is it good for? Type and tags, they rule the forum from top to bottom. Yes, we need feedback types. But there is nothing to divide the category only! We don't need two classification-systems parallel working through 3 stages. VOTE FOR THE CHANGE, PEOPLE! We like to define a category by tags. Or much more comfortable: We like to define groups of caterories by sets of tags.
Great. So we can go on with translation...tomorrow°!

Facebook page id. It was even hard to find, after I knew what page id is requested. Here you are:

Login to the Facebook-site where you like to embed UE. Place the cursor at the profile-picture (upper left corner).  Now the browser's status bar shows your page-id. Sometimes it will show several id-stings. Take the last one, i.e. 150122805052365.

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sounds better!