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Thank you very much, now I've got all statistics in one handy overview!

Tip1: include pagination and limit in the API discription. Tip2: special characters like ë won't pass PHP's json_decode() function (without throwing an error which was pretty frustrating), use utf8_encode() first.
Here is the code I created, maybe has some use for others. 

$file = file('your_analytics_data_here.txt'); 

foreach($file as $line){

    $datePos = strpos($lines, ';ga:date=');
    //find next value enclosure
    $datePosClose = strpos($line, '&', $datePos);
    $dateTextPos = strpos($line, 'value=\"', $datePos+10);
    //find next value enclosure
    $dateTextPosClose = strpos($line, '\"', $dateTextPos+8);
    $visitorsPos = strpos($line, 'value=\"', $dateTextPos+10);
    //find next value enclosure
    $visitorsPosClose = strpos($line, '\"', $visitorsPos+8);
    $pageviewsPos = strpos($line, 'value=\"', $visitorsPos+10);
    //find next value enclosure
    $pageviewsPosClose = strpos($line, '\"', $pageviewsPos+8);
    $date = substr($line, $datePos+9, $datePosClose-$datePos-9);
    $dateText = substr($line, $dateTextPos+8, $dateTextPosClose-$dateTextPos-8);
    $visitors = substr($line, $visitorsPos+8, $visitorsPosClose-$visitorsPos-8);
    $pageviews = substr($line, $pageviewsPos+8, $pageviewsPosClose-$pageviewsPos-8);
Awesome, thanks for the quick fix!
and by the way, nice mouse-tracking gimmick on your about-page ;)
Hello Sergey, today I started working on the API again.

Retreiving user comments through a script on my local computer doesn't work, if I upload the script to a server it does work. In my browser it also works, however in both ways the list of comments is limited to 50.

The API call for comments on a topic (feedback comments) returns an empty result, both in script and browser.

Is there already some progress in the statistics API?

Using HTTPS in my browser gives a security warning, Chrome recognises the certificate, however it is not complete/outdated.

Thanks for your swift follow-up.

The statistics that are already in the forum are very useful (and I can create my own statistics from the feedback and comments list, only if I can retreive the comments). 

The page-views and visits (upper statistics graph) are currently not accessible through the API and would be a great bonus. This way I can construct the total visitor statistics from the beginning.

good job!

One remark: the topic's are not displayed in IE8 in the dashboard.

Dashboard is a great functionality, however the titles of the sections should link to all topics in that section.

For example: make the text 'Latest updates' link to all topics order by latest updated.
The problem occurs in IE9, not sure if the problem also occurs in other versions of IE
Hi Sergey, 

The function does not work properly in IE, you can upload the image however it does not appear as a 'choice' next to already uploaded images.

Image uploading seems to work good in the rest of the browsers and is a great improvement to the forum!
ps. the bug only occurs directly after placing the comment. After a page refresh everything looks okay.