Are there any limits to number of API calls or call frequency?

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We're looking to integrate one of our systems to pull votes from UserEcho topics.  

we have about 2800 cases that have related topics in our user forum.  We'd like to hit those (or half?) each night to make sure we have the vote count.

Are there limits to the numbers of calls we can make per day?  Per hour?  etc?

It looks like the API will respond in about a second, but would hitting 2800 (or 1400) of them impact that?

Sergey Stukov
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Currently we have rate limit 100 req/per second. But in your cases seems that better did call that get all topics for required forum. And then on your side get votes.

Also we discuss about adding "vote" webhook. In this case you will get instant notifications when topic votes has been changed.


Perhaps I should better explain: 

We are currently getting votes on our end via webhook (I think with "topic changed' call).  However, we've found that our counts are occasionally mismatched with the actual votes, due to our system "not listening" when the webhook was made.

We do have the list of topics we need to monitor, so we do just want to check them, one by one, to make sure we have the correct vote count.  

However, it looks like the 100per second should definitely cover us, as long as there are no other "per day" or "per hour" limits. 


Sergey Stukov
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Yes, you should try. Seem's that all be ok with your amount of requests

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