vote limits: Bug in setup

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I noticed that the community forum setup "vote limit per user" has no influence at all as the vote limit is now available in the user group set up.

I think this function (seting up vote limits per user group) is very helpful.
On the other hand the set up per forum is helpful to determine the set up for the entire forum no matter which group.
Therefore, maybe the forum set up can get a check box "vote limits according to user group set up". Then these limits are take into account.

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
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Hello Norman,

For now we check if user has assigned group, then we use the group limit value. Otherwise we use the forum limit value. 

So, the common settings is a forum settings (for all users, include users with no group assigned). Then you are able to define some users as a group and limit their votes with specific value.

So, forums always use "group limit" value for assigned groups. Do you still think it does make sens to add such settings? Do you need to have it disabled in some cases? Or maybe it would be better to set "use forum limits" in groups?

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