Button to insert postee name into response

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Other sites like facebook have the functionality to insert the name of the postee into the response. This is very helpful as currently you have to type out their name when using canned responses which is difficult when many users use long complex names or names in non latin characters.

Ideally we would also be able to include a [name] field into canned responses that is auto filled with the name of the postee.

Attached is an example from Facebooks implementation of this, the black names are auto-placed there as part of the canned response.

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
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Hello Cian,

We are planning to add "placeholders" into canned responses and alrready have such idea in our another forum. 

We also going to consider about specific button for support agents to fast add the user's name into comment field.

Than you for your idea.

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