Canned response improvement

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It would really help if the window of selecting a canned response would display some of the responses right away, without a need to search for them. In my case, I have only several responses and it's just major inconvenience for me to have to search for them. I'd rather pick them from the list right away.

I think it would be most useful if you could "pin" some articles to that quick list or just display all of the articles if you have less then 10.

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
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It actually already does! It shows last used responses by default. So, if you have not so many of them you will see all of them. 

Does it work different for you?


I guess I see none of them at this point since I've never used the feature before, so the "last used" buffer is still empty. Anyway, that's great news. It solves my problem, thanks!

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