Place a login form on 403 page of the public forum

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Here's my use case:

- Occasionally, I get an email notification about the forum post or a ticket, I click a link in the notification and go to my userecho website to deal with the customer.
- I'm not logged in to the system all the time, so userecho gives me 403 page most of the time, which is fine.
- If I wanted to see a helpdesk ticket, it always shows me a login form on that 403 page.
- But if it was a forum topic (unaccepted yet, therefore not viewable publicly) I get another type of 403 page with a nice illustration, but no login form. In this case, I have to navigate to the front page of the community website and log in from there. It's kind of inconvenient and I would rather log in directly from the 403 page.

If that's something that can be configured, please let me know!

Vladimir Mullagaliyev co-founder
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Thank you!


Wow, awesome, thanks!