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Hello ,

1)We want to change the text "Ausstehende moderation" to "ausstehende Moderation" so it's fitting the rest of the topics status.

2)We think that we need some fixes in this dropdown. Some items are in German and other items are in english, we suggest that all of them are in german

Sometimes also the status is not displayed at all : 

Thank you

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
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1. We've added a custom translation for that status for your project.

2. The statuses were not translated. We've added default translations. You can update them here and we will approve them.

3. Could you explain or provide a link when status are not displayed?



1. It would be perfect if "ausstehende moderation" become "ausstehende Moderation" 

3. we mean by the status not displayed  (screen 1): In Entwicklung is not shown on the dropdown .

And We couldn't understand the filter behavior  when nothing is checked we have 3 topics with the status "aufgenommen" (screen 2) and then when the active filter is "aufgenommen" we get only 1 topic (screen 3)

Thank you :)

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
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1. Changed.

3. We found the problem. The filter shows statuses that exists on at least one topic from selected type. 

In you case you have a type "Dienstplan" selected. This type has status "in Entwicklung" with ID 53. But the topic from screenshot has similar (same name) status but with ID 4 which is from "Ideas".

Seems like you change the type of topic after status was assigned which is not a good practice. Usually you should change the type (if needed) to correct one then start to work with it.

For now just change the status in the topic and it should be fixed.

P.S.: please note that the status filter show real statuses when topic type selected only. If you have "All" in the topic type selector you will see "logical" statuses in the status selector (due to different statuses for each type).

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