Custom Idea Management Ranking

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I'd like to be able to assign a custom score to my customers submitted ideas so that I can rank them accordingly for prioritization of development. Ideally, I'd like to be able to use either a Fibonacci Sequence, Linear (0-10), or custom sequence to be able to quickly assign a score to each idea, based on key metrics. 

To accomplish this I'd like to see the ability to add a simple to use slider(s) within the "Community forums" > "Custom fields". 

Once the metric sliders are created I would be perfect to then have a simplistic, weighted, calculation based on the linked sliders (e.g. 1 * [Slider/Metric#1] + 2.5 * [Slider/Metric#2] + -0.5 * [Slider/Metric#3] = Score)

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
  • Under review

Hello Bryson,

It seems too complicated and usefulness for us but we are probably wrong.

So, it should be kind of separate rating (not voter, because it will be unclear when user vote +1 and votes changes on some value different from +1) which calculates by some project specified formula by few topic's custom fields values.

Also you will have to set such fields values for each topic manually (we doubt you will do it if you have hundreds of ideas).

Also we should add some kind of sorting by these "rank".

We will leave idea for review to see if it might be helpful for other customers. 

Would it be helpful for now if you will have a "vote adjustment" option and can add any amount of your own votes to any idea to increase topic's priority in your list?