Language selection not stable in Agent Interface

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I noticed a strange behavior of the selected language in my Agent Interface:

  1. I go the my Agent Interface (and therefore the Topic Review opens, in French my default language)
  2. I switch to English
  3. I go to Statistics > Overview
  4. and the language is back to French?
    => Strange.
  5. I switch again English
  6. then the central area of the Overview (with counters and curves) never reappears again.
    => Even more strange.

Is there something wrong with the language selection?

Best regards.

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Satisfaction mark by laboxideale 3 years ago

Great and quick!
And yes I confirm that it also solved my point #6.
Many thanks.

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Vladimir Mullagaliyev
  • Fixed


Thank you for the bug report. We've fixed the problem with language selector. 

Unfortunately we were not able to reproduce the problem with #6. It might be fixed already with previous changes. If you still have it please let us know.