Enhance Discord Integration Message Layout

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Currently the discord integration looks really bad. The links that are placed in the webhook trigger the automatic discord embed and it just ends up being really hard to determine what is going on with the feedback. I would suggest sending the webhook as an embed with a specific format same as you would for your helpdesk type email reply. Here's a suggestion on what you might use... I will use % to indicate one of your system variables as I don't really know how you have it setup.

__**%topicname%**__ \n
%actiontriggered% by %username% \n
%limitedcontentpreview% \n
*Join the conversation:* %linktopost%

Here is what it looks like now

Image 16278

This is what the old system looked like

Image 16279

Sergey Stukov co-founder
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Sounds good.

We are working on it, will release improved version of integration soon.

Sergey Stukov co-founder
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Hello again, we improved integration with Discord

1) Added Avatar and highlighted  action initiator name

2) Added action date

3) Action which represent status change on topics now have the same color as status line on the left

4) Notifications isolated against each other

Waiting for your feedback