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I had requested this in another feedback I posted and it never got responded to so I am making a new post to request it again.
Here's the related topic:

What I am asking for is the ability to make a discord webhook that fires based on the status that the post was changed to. 

For example, my users request that I add a new product to my store. In my discord, I have log channels with webhooks like this:

Planned (Discord Channel)
Completed (Discord Channel)

Now I would like to request the ability to make a specific event that ONLY sends events to the planned channel when a topic status is changed to Planned. And another event that could send events to the Completed channel only when the topic has been marked as completed.

Here's a visual guide that helps show what I"m looking for. I spared no expense on the production of this visual guide so please hold your applause.

Image 17107

Vladimir Mullagaliyev co-founder
  • Under review


Thank you for your request. We do understand your needs. But we have some difficulties with realization.

Each UserEcho project may have many forums. Each forum may has many topic types. And each topic type has own statuses! So, Even if you select specific forum for integration we still may have many topic types with own statuses. 

The way we can work around is to use "logical" statuses instead of real ones. 

We will check what we can do here and get back to you later.