Leave a comment and change request status at the same time

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When smb submit a ticket i usuallly leave a reply and set status to Under review. But i don't like that this trigger two separate emails sent to a user.

I also do not like posting reply to the form that chages the status because it does not allow to have a consistent thread of comments ("status rely" is replaced and it s not clear at which moment in conversation it happpened).

Why don't you just add possibility to change status with commment OR let admin choose whether to send email or not? Possible there is some other smart solution of course.

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
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Hello Andrew,
Thank you for your feedback.
Post comment and post official answer with status it is a different things for us. That is why we can't get status change with comment posting.
But sometimes we have the same issue. Sometimes we need to fix typo in the official answer, but we don't wont to send notification for it.
That is why we have added the option for select send notification or not when you change feedback status. We think it will works for you too. See screenshot below.

And again, thank you for your feedback!
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