User language setting per project?

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I noticed that when the user selects a new interface-language in one project, this become a "global" preference for his profile, and then it is saved and re-used also when opening other project afterwards.


- when I read a project dedicated to one particular language, I appreciate to switch the UserEcho interface to the same language (let's say a forum in French -> I switch the forum interface in French)

- but I dislike then getting French as default language when I come back to another project in another language (let say UserEcho support forum, where I usually set the interface in English).

Wouldn't it be possible to change a little that behaviour? This way:

- when a user comes to a forum for the first time, it is displayed in the language set by the admin as the forum default language.

- if the user changes manually the interface language, this setting is saved and reused only with that project.

Don't know if it's reasonable...

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Vladimir Mullagaliyev co-founder
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As far as I understand the changes that occurred meantime, now the user settings are no longer global and shared between projects... Now they are specific for each project, even with the same login name.

So I guess my wish is achieved: now the selected language can be set differently per project, without effect from one project to the other.

Thanks, can be closed.

Vladimir Mullagaliyev co-founder
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