Special dashboard for staff/admins

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Since staff visit UE with different purpose than customers and they also have different usage scenrios it would be nice to have possibility to configure a separate dashboard for the same forum for use by staff/admins. e.g. i'd put their smth like "my assigned topics", "latest not answered" etc.

Sergey Stukov
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At this moment we have some places which help staff to better understand and manage current situation on a forum.

At the right side bar, users have My activity block where they can see Links and  counts to an Assigned topics and updates since their last visit.

Also we have moderation section in the admin interface which available to the users with moderation rights, on this page they can see thru the list of the latest feedback and comments.

But you are right the dedicated dashboard for staff will be better solution, where  staff will be able to perform all support related  tasks. We leave this request opened. Working on better implementations of this part of service.

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