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I notice that the timestamp on posts "updated X minutes ago" is showing a totally different time zone. Is there a way to either set "my" timezone or the timezone for the site?
Vladimir Mullagaliyev
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"X minutes ago" doesn't depend on timezone, because it shows time from post (not a post time or current time).
If you talk about "popup message" with the post message time then you are right. We are planing to add timezone to the user (to show time for each user in his timezone) or to the project (to show time it the project's timezone).
Yes, I think this feedback was dealing with the date/time in the pop-up that is displayed over the "updated X minutes" text.
As you answered, that would be very welcome to implement it, to follow timezones adapted to users locations when viewing the pop-up. That would make sense for the time displayed.

Looking forward to see it in UserEcho!
We have a similar problem, the time of post on our forum went from been our local timezone to UTC overnight
Vladimir Mullagaliyev
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Each user is able to select his timezone in his profile.
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