Time Zone in user's profile

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So this is a two part question/suggestion

  • When operating as an Agent and I click on a user I can see their profile
  • I can then see the user menu and all the custom fields which is great.
  • However to SEE the time zone they are located in I have to click on Common Settings.
    • Is it possible to have their time zone published in the same area as the Custom Fields so that we can see it all on one page rather then having to click to find it?
PART 2: Would be nice to be able to then know what time it currently is in their zone in relation to the agents local time. However to do that we would need to be able to set the agents time zone, display their time and the users time. This second part is a enhancement suggestion for the future, however would still be very nice if we can get part 1 done now :-)
Vladimir Mullagaliyev
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We've moved your request to our public forum. So, other users can vote for it and we will decide how is it important.
Thank you for your idea.
ok thanks and does that include part 1, i.e. is that easily done now or is that an update that would need to be voted on?
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