login and password versus anonymous postings

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We use wordpress for blogs and would like the UserEcho login to work in this way.

1) The customer enters their email address, but it is not visible on our site in any way.

2) The customer gets to choose their "screen name" in case they don't want their screen name to be related to them personally or have people be able to look them up.


Would this be a possible option?  Our customers are used to doing this, so they are somewhat anonymous online, but we can get in touch with them if necessary. It's the best of both worlds.


Thank you, Wendy


Sergey Stukov
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Seems that you need to disable anonymous feedback and comments, thes system will ask users for their email and username before they post feedback.


Wendy Kelley

We disabled anonymous and it asks for email and password. It doesn't give the option to pick the username. Did we do something wrong? Thanks,

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