Set default notification subscriptions for a community

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It could be interesting to be able to define a notification subscription configuration by default for a community.
This way, any new member would get this configuration when joining the community and he could change it if he prefer another config.
But this would be a great way to optimize the fact that most users would have some important subscriptions according to the community without setting them one by one by the admin.

Could it be a new feature?
Is there, meantime, a software possibility for you to "manually" force it for communities that would ask for this behaviour?
Hello, is there any echo to this proposal?
(I mean, especially concerning the conclusion workaround that would be possible for the meantime?)
Vladimir Mullagaliyev
  • Under review
Ulrik Zakariasson
We need this also, to be able to define default notification settings for new users.
Atiqur Sumon
Yes, this is to new features. But you do not take manually action this is default notification settings you do nothing at all.
Towab Muhammad Yusuf
Hi, I am a new member. I could not get proper knowledge for your problem that's why I will not answer your question.
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Maybe this request here could take benefit of that other request that address a close feature:

Shaun A Kranish

I was searching for the same thing and found this - I totally agree.

This is a great idea - I think each forum should have a settings page for the community administrator to set the default notifications for that forum.

We have a community with multiple forums for different purposes, and it would be great to be able to subscribe users to the most important ones, while having them unsubscribed from the less important ones by default. So having control over each forum/knowledgebase for a default config for that would be fantastic.

Great idea!!! +1