Missing "publish" button on draft KB article

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One of our users has created a draft KB article, but is not seeing the "Publish" button that would let her make it live.

Here is what she sees:

When I look at the same screen, I have a Publish button alongside those other buttons.

She is staff and has all "User settings and access rights" checked. (And she has tried logging out and back in.) Her username is "Erin Johns"

Are we doing something wrong?

Mike Edmunds

Hmm, I notice that somehow "moderation" had become enabled for that KB forum. I wonder if that is the problem.

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
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Hello Mike,
She hasn't enough rights.
Go here https://eyefi.userecho.com/settings/admins/
Click "Edit" then scroll down the window.

The problem that some browsers hides scrolls.
Now we are testing our new administrative interface, where that problem fixed. New administrative interface will be available soon.

Mike Edmunds

Ah, of course -- only saw the first 5 access rights, and didn't notice the scrollbar. Now I feel foolish (but problem solved).

Vladimir Mullagaliyev

It is not your problem. It is problem with some browsers :)

We will fix it soon.

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