Ability to Reply to a Topic on the Homepage

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So actually I think this is potentially a real issue...

Leaving replies I think should be really simple... maybe I'm use to FaceBook feed or something..

But users can't "Reply" where they see the comment... (the homepage/search results page looks exactly like the individual topic page, so it seems like you can)

Also Admins can reply on the homepage, so assuming it'll make sense for User's to be able to reply quickly as well...
Sergey Stukov
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Topic list and search list does't contain comments list for each topic at this moment.

Admins have ability to reply (leave official answer from topic list)

Inside topic it's possible to see all data and users able to leave comments.

Anyway we consider about another implementation of topic list, something like facebook updates feed.
Yeah, imho I think a user should be able to Comment (Reply) on a Topic... from the Topic's List asap, (click, respond, enter) especially if that Topic doesn't have any replies...

Right now, the user has to Click on the title, wait for individual topic page to load, scroll down, hit the "+ Leave new comment", then use their mouse to click the "Save comment" button...
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