Integration with Mailchimp

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I've love to see integration with Mailchimp.  Since both companies are very API friendly hopefully it might not be that hard.
Is this integration in the works?  If not, Is this something you can provide a quote for?

Thanks.  :)
Sergey Stukov
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Can you give us some details. Like a small description how it should look.

For example: After integration I will able to see user's subscription lists etc. (At the UserEcho agent interface)
Basic desire:  Keeping UserEcho users in sync with Mailchimp subscriber list.
When a person joins Userecho via registration or facebook or Twitter or any of the usual ways they will automatically be added to a Mailchimp subscriber list.  If the person leaves UserEcho then they are removed from the MailChimp list as well.

More advanced desire:  To be able to send out weekly and monthly digests of the most popular questions to the Mailchimp list.  (similar to how Quora and some forums do)  

There are lots of plugins that do this process for Mailchimp+Wordpress.   Here is a good example of how it works with Wordpress.
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