Getting back to search results?

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Is there an easy way to get back to search results? For example, if you type in a question, UserEcho returns a list of topics that may be pertinent (aka search results). As you review the search results, you may click on a topic to see the full details of that topic. When you are done reviewing that topic, you want to return the search results to continue reviewing other topics. There does not seem to be anyway to return to the search results (the browser "back" button will return to the forum entry page).
Vladimir Mullagaliyev
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Hi Mathew,

We know about this issue, but we have no good solution to resolve it yet. It depends on our module system and different ways to customize community layout.

P.S.: Usually when we work with topics we open selected topic in new window and have no this issue.
Vladimir Mullagaliyev
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We have applied some updates. Now if you open topic from the search result and then click back in you browser the search result will be shown again.
Thank you. That is a good improvement.
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