Source of authentication listed also for third-party logins

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Currently, in the Agent Interface, admins can display the "User list".
In this list, the registered e-mail may be empty.
I guess it concerns people who avoid creating a UserEcho and prefer to user third-party login (like Google, Facebook, etc.)

Wouldn't it be possible, in that case, to replace the missing e-mail by the source of authentication (Google, Facebook, ...) or even the username of that third-party system?

That would be an interesting information to observe what login people mainly use.
Vladimir Mullagaliyev co-founder
  • Under review


I just noticed that if you click on the name of the user (in this user list from the agent interface), then you can see interesting info for that kind of cases on the resulting profile page, near the empty e-mail:

  • an icon of the third-party authentication (Twitter, Facebook...)
  • an ID following this icon (numeric most of the time)

Maybe the same information (icon + ID) could currently be also be displayed instead of an empty e-mail in the user list of the agent interface? (Then maybe the column should be rename from "e-mail" to "ID"?).