cannot log in with e-mail - address / maximum length problem ?

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cannot log in with e-mail - address / maximum length problem ?

Cannot log in with original e-mail address used for signing up.
Seems that you have a maximum length of possible e-mail addresses as login name ?

please correct this and/ or make the maximum total of possible positions larger and/or let people use also their username to login instead of only their e-mail - address

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No you did not solve this problem yet.
Still not possible to login with original address used during registration (and confirmed) maximum length problem of e-mail - address needed for login in UserEcho account still exists.
Please add at least an extra two positions/spaces for having longer e-mail addresses in that particular login field.
It took some while for you to understand the problem and the proposed solution giving to you.
Finaly you have corrected it and made logging in possible (again).
Vladimir Mullagaliyev
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We have corrected the problem. Please try to register again.
And now we fix "sign in" form.
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