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The new design/layout released last week uses FontAwesome fa-buliding-o for the icon of the main link in the navbar (a.navbar-brand i.fa.fa-building-o). We would like to use fa-home instead of fa-building-o. I have tried changing this using custom Special CSS, but have not been able to get it to work. I could change with JavaScript in a Custom Script module, but that would only apply when viewing the forum. We want the fa-home to be used for all pages (user profile, notifications, etc.).

I also tried going into the settings and choosing fa-home as the project logo, but that did not work either.

Is there a way that we can change our projects to use fa-home as the main home icon instead of fa-building-o?
Vladimir Mullagaliyev
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Hello Mathew, 
We did it with custom CSS on you test forum
Check last line in your custom CSS.

/* replace navbar icon fa-building-o to the fa-home */
a.navbar-brand i.fa-building-o:before{content:"\f015" !important}
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