Jira "Response User" is not ideal

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Within the Jira integration configuration you are asked to provide a "response user". This is not ideal because our Jira user list and our User echo lists are not the same. We're essentially forced to choose a support representative to speak on behalf of our entire development team.

The best case would be for UserEcho to simply forward the user name from Jira into the UserEcho support ticket so that it accurately reflects the poster in Jira. However, I understand that there are some technical concerns that might not allow for this; here are some alternative ideas:

  1. Allow a generic name to be given, such as "Development Department"
  2. Allow a free agent to be created that can be used explicitly for this purpose (i.e. deny a UserEcho login, but allow Jira integration comments). Again, we might name this use as the "Development Department" or some other generic name.
Vladimir Mullagaliyev
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Hello Luke,
We found one solution for your idea. You can add new agent (Development Department) to your support agents. Do not activate this agent so you will not pay for him. But he will be available in "JIRA Response user", so you can use him for your responses from JIRA.
We've added this agent to your project. You can setup him as a response user. It should work for you.
Luke Chavers
Oh, wow, that seems pretty great. I will try it out.

I did not actually expect this one to get addressed any time soon; this is a pleasant surprise.

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