Domain Indexing and Redirection

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As you know I have a .com domain with you guys, right? Let's say after one year I cannot pay for this domain, right, having college expenses. How will users find me?

Typical Search Query

"boot logo"


If I click

"Sorry, the domain is not found." Do you have automatic redirection? What do you suggest? At one hand, I like .com, but on another if I can't pay I'm fine with UE, it's an intuitive name. That's not my worry, though. I will lose users.

Keep up the hard work and spread the joy. I'll continue to grow my community on UE as well as suggest it to companies, schools that have online groups for specific classes, etc. You guys have made me like the web more than ever.

Sergey Stukov
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If domain will expire after one year and will not be renewed it technically impossible to have redirect because only owner of unexpired active domain is able to setup redirection and manage DNS records for it, so your community will be available under [community-alias] subdomain.

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