Harmonize topic buttons next to the subject

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Currently, as a normal user (not admin) one can get the "Edit" button next to our topics during a few time after posting. That's perfect.

But, astonishingly, this is not exactly the same across different pages:

1. On topic lists, like "Latest updates" you see only the button "Edit" next to the subject.

2. If you click on the subject of a topic, then on the specific topic page you see two buttons "Edit" and "More" next to the subject.

3. If you go to the topic list of your feedbacks in your user profile, you have no buttons at all next to the subject to edit your topic.

Maybe is it designed so, but I guess it would be easier for the user to have always the same two buttons "Edit" and "More" newt to the subject, in any of the displays. Otherwise he could really be lost when searching for the missing button!

Sergey Stukov
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Good suggestion, we also looking for better place for the action panel.

We planned at least sync action panel to be the same in all places for the first step.

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