Mobile View is Not Accurate

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Why won't my mobile show the work I've done on Desktop? It should have "Recent Threads", access to profile, "Last Updated" threads, like on desktop. Is there any way to edit mobile version?

Mike Wentworth
Also I cannot see defined rules in mobile view. For example: custom fields isn't available in mobile version. Only when typing, but what's the point when other users can't see it on mobile? Neither is assigning other staff, locking topic without edit, etc
Sergey Stukov
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Mobile version has less functionality that regular web version at this moment, we have internal roadmap that includes this and other features so mobile will version will have almost all functionality within few months.

At this moment we working hard on the UserEcho for the IOS, so apps developers will have easy and fast way to embed UserEcho community directly in their applications.

By the way it's possible to switch to full web site version from the mobile version, on the mobile devices.

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