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As a thank you for everything UserEcho had done for me and my community, I'd like to offer my help. I can write a new article for you, as well as build custom Android BLOG app for UserEcho with Slide Left content loader with links. Kind of like Facebook app where you slide left and you see different options.

Now as you know, I'm Russian but don't have a Russian keyboard. I'd like to say translator to say Это я знаю, это правда. UserEcho является лучшим, и большое спасибо. Вы действительно сделали большое дело для меня, и я не могу тебя отблагодарить. :)

So what do you want in your new article for me to write? Also, I'm working on app. IT will include RSS, and new mobilize UI for Android devices and I paid for developer account $25 before so I can make many apps now.

  1. Fresh, advanced UI for posts
  2. Slide left with more option

What type of article info do you want?

When I do get a job in about a couple months to a year, and in the future if I do need to pay for a website if my community gets bigger which it will, UserEcho is the only thing I'm investing money in. You've helped a lot, and I can not show you enough gratitude. I will stick with UserEcho for as long as I run my community, for YEARS to come. I'm going into Computer Engineering, so if I do learn very well maybe I can work out for you guys, try developing some stuff for you.

I'm the same person who wrote: https://gymforgeeks.wordpress.com/2013/03/23/userecho-knocks-out-competition-the-next-generation-of-customer-satisfaction/

Sergey Stukov
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Thanks, for your activity and proposal.

Keep focus on improving your growing Tech forum.

We will contact you when we will need help.

Mike Wentworth

Thanky you VERY much. Your assistance is fantastic, I appreciate it. :-) I will continue growing the forum and suggest you for top-notch service, stability, features and status. You're great and friendly support.

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