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We are using userecho as a Beta Forum for our software/cloud product.  We have used it internally for several months now and it's worked very well for us.  400 of our employees have direct SSO access to the portal from our application. (usernames

We now want to use it to run a customer beta.  Customers will all have different usernames (and email domains), but none will be *

We would like to avoid mixing feedback from Internal Users and Customers.  Is it possible to direct Intermedia users ( to one forum, and our customers ( - but still authenticated through SSO) to another forum.  Customers should not be able to see our internal posts.

Please advise.  This is a very important use case for userEcho for us.



Sergey Stukov
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It's possible.

1) You already have employees forum.

2) Create forum for customers.

3) On your side provide user with link to according forum with SSO packet.

4) Inside SSO packed add additional parameter

allowed_private_forums" : [YOUR_EMPLOYEES_FORUM_ID]	
For your employees

allowed_private_forums" : [YOUR_CUSTOMERS_FORUM_ID]	
For your customers
Sergey Stukov

Feel free to ask additional details.

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