Simplified Chinese, can you please add it? Thanks

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there seems to be something wrong with the project site...
Sergey Stukov
you means ?

we working hard to simplify crowd based localization of UserEcho
updates will be ready soon and you will be informed

now as we said before we splitting large dictionary to small parts
like user-ui, notifications etc. sentences

and moving to more ui friendly solution for translators
Sergey Stukov
We use crowd source translation system to add new localizations to UserEcho

at this moment vocabulary file for UserEcho consists from about 6000 sentences

became too difficult to add new languages
so we decided to split into three parts Dictionary

1) User Interface
2) Notifications
3) Admin interface
4) All other sentences

For basic localisations
we need translate only (1) User interface

We plan launch separated dictionaries in two days, then you can contribute and help us with Simplified Chinese
Sergey Stukov
ok we start little experiment now

and press request access button
then we add you to Simplified Chinese translators group
and you able to help us with translation

we split all translation files to 5 parts now
1) Admin interface
2) Admin payments tab
3) Email notifications
4) UserEcho
5) User Interface

Start with user interface
Sergey Stukov
Also wrote here translation of "feedback" we need to create image for tab widget
Sergey Stukov
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Dear users, feel free to participiate in Simplified Chineese translation
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