Add Glossary functionality

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UserEcho is a support tool, where people can post ideas and questions. It has a knowledge base where administrators can begin to post answers to commonly asked questions. I think a logical extension to support any community is a simple and easy to use glossary.

I'd love to see an easy way to maintain terms and definitions using userecho. It could behave like the knowledge base, but instead of topics, you would have terms. You would need the ability to sort the glossary alphabetically, and to jump to a certain letter in the alphabet and see all the terms that start with the letter "J" for example.

An advanced feature might add the ability to highlight all of the defined terms throughout the forum. For example: if you defined the term "widget" in the glossary, userecho would find every post where the word "widget" was used, and would create a link from the word widget to the place in userecho where widget was defined. See for an example of this.