Scroll problem with web site on iPad

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Hi, using userecho web sites with last version of iOS on iPad, I noticed a little bug.
This "bug" concerns the scrolling possibilities for the two columns of the welcome screen.
The bug is only on iPad, since iPhone version displays only one column at a time.

  • In iPad portrait mode, it's perfect. The two columns (topics and right panel) can be scrolled independently to reach the end of one of them.
  • In iPad landscape mode, there is a problem. The two columns can't be scrolled independently. And, unfortunately, ONLY WHEN YOU USE THE RIGHT COLUMN to scroll, it can stop with a truncated end of the column. So, for instance, when the column of the right panel is longer than the main column (it may happen on some sites), then the right column scroll stops too early and the user can not reach and use the end of this right column: for instance to read community stats, tweets, etc. usually at the end of this column.
It would be perfect if landscape mode on iPad could behave as portrait mode: independent scrolling for the two columns.
Sergey Stukov
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We trying to reproduce issue, but right bar always scroll to it's bottom. iPad air. Can you give us link to page where you see this issue.
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