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We added the User Plugin to our web site.  The feedback button displays properly if you are not logged into the site, but once you are logged in to the site the feedback button no longer appears.

Our site is:  www.interactbuilder.com

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
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Try to change parameter "DOMAIN" from "interactbuilder.userecho.com" to "feedback.interactbuilder.com".

Ezra Weinstein

Unfortunately this did not fix it.

Ezra Weinstein

I found the following steps work well to place the UserEcho widget on a WordPress site and it works both when you are logged in or out of the site:

  • Open up the Appearance drop down panel in your sidebar
  • Click Editor
  • Click and open up the footer.php file
  • Scroll to the bottom of the code and find the </body> tag 
  • Place the widget code you previously copied right before </body> towards the bottom

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