Problem with Safari and editing web links in topics

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When writing a message in a topic, when you select a part of the text and then click on "Insert link", then this selected text is automatically set in the "Text" field, under the "URL" field.

This behaves correctly like that with Safari web browser.

Unfortunately, this does not work with Safari web browser for Mac: the selected text is not set automatically, and consequently you have to rewrite the whole sequence of words of the linked text, otherwise the link will not be linked with your selected text.

Sergey Stukov
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Thanks for the bug report, we able to reproduce it.

We have plan to migrate to the whole new editor in the UserEcho it has on the alpha stage now.

We have checked it has not this issue with Mac Safari.


Great news.

Then, if the issue is no longer present in this future version, then it's perfect.

We just have to wait to get this. The topic can be closed.


I don't know if the new editor is in production.

But I wanted to tell that, strangely, there is a workaround to avoid the bug in Safari (macOS):

  1. you click on "Insert link" as explained in the first message => you get the bug (an empty field)
  2. you redo the same action => the second time the field contains the needed text

Really strange, but perfectly reproducile!

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