Extended Customization - Topic List Module - Can't have 2 modules with different settings

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In Extended Customization when I add second Topic List module and edit its settings, I get the same exact settings apply to the first (original) topic list I have had on the page...

Is this a bug or am I missing something? Please advise. Thanks!
Sergey Stukov
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To add a new independent topic list you must add it from the list of modules from the bottom (1) and assign it a name and personal settings.

At the moment you have on top is a module named "Topiclist" (3) and under the"Latest" (2)

You can write us what structure you want in dashborde and we will help you toconfigure it

Serge B.
Yes, thank you! Just recently I found that I was using Topics list from the "configured" list while I should've used the one form the "new" module list. My bad. I know how to do it correctly now. Thanks for the great feature!
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