Bug: Disappearing Topics, Cookies?

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Okay so this is a strange bug... 

So on my UserEcho support page. http://support.orgnote.com, the topics are not showing up, after clicking on another Topic's List header...

If someone clicks on "Working On..." and goes back to http://support.orgnote.com the don't see my first "Hello Everyone" message anymore...

Strange bug... shall I leave it for you to check? (I'm gonna reset it to default)

http://screencast.com/t/ZJEBPMqM <-- made a screencast to better illustrate the problem...

I think it has something to do with Cookies... cause when you exit and re-enter Google Chrome's Incognito mode, the "Hello Everyone" topic shows back up...



This is what probably caused it... "Topic Status filter" for the first TopicList was "SESSION_VALUE" ... that and I had "Show Filters Bar" turned Off... so that's why it seemed so strange... I turned the filter to "Unmarked" and that solved the problem... 

Sergey Stukov
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We understand what's happens
You use the same topic list presenter on top of the dashboard and topic list.

Perhaps not entirely clear how to do customization in UserEcho.
Please describe how you see your dashboard and we'll set up and improve the description for future developments.
Sergey Stukov
We place dedicated Topic lists presenters and now all should be ok

Before, you use the same presenter for the main page and topic list
and when you click to working on Topic list starts displays only active topics, when you back topic disappear
because it's unmarked. 
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