Misleading? Do my eyes disseave me?

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So I see that you guys say its only $15 a month with no hidden costs, but I was told by a friend that its apprentlly costs 100 dollars to remove the Userecho logo from the page. Is this eligable for court for false adversitement? 

I'd like to have a free account.
Vladimir Mullagaliyev
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We offer almost all features for 15 USD. Only few additional features (2 features now) by additional price and only if you really need it. We provide affordable price ($15/mo./operator) if you agree with Powered by UserEcho logo. If you do not want to have it you should pay for White-label ($100/mo.).
One more additional option is Custom SSL ($10/mo.) for custom domain. Most of clients do not need this features.
See screenshot below.

Also you can use Free plan with limited features and 1 operator.
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