Improve login/sign-up process for users who just want to vote.

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When a non-logged-in user clicks on the Vote button to cast a vote, UserEcho prompts them to log in/sign up by showing the orange "You need to log in," bar at the top of the screen.

This requires the user to stop what they're doing and go sign up or sign in, then come back and click the Vote button a second time. 

A better flow would be to show the sign up/sign in dialog when a non-logged-in user tries to vote. That way the user can log in or sign up without interrupting their voting process, exactly like the way the idea submission form already works!

Here's a short (1:22) video that explains it visually:
Michael Aivaliotis
I also posted an idea to show the login link on the banner. I think that's a good idea on its own. But I like your idea *too*, because it eliminates that extra step all together.

Sergey Stukov

We at the final step of related task, 

Improving usability of the Sign-in popup

After finishing it's we implement this request

Feel free to participate
Vladimir Mullagaliyev
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Good idea we definitely need to eliminate unneeded step.
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